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Project Description

                       As a result of the epidemic, when we tried to perceive the world by leaving the areas we were isolated, I felt that I perceived the objects, living things and nature differently. In this, we humans had protective effects and the isolated equipment they used had a big impact. The worry that the new world order would remain this way made us pessimistic. Uncertainty and anxiety about the future made itself felt visibly. The virus first robbed the skin of the onion. Then, as if we examined the layers. We experienced separate awareness in each layer. Some abnormalities have returned to normal. Some normals are abnormal. In short, I can say that we have seen the essence. In fact, it removed what exists. Our perceptions have changed. We perceive every layer in nature. With him people, events, what we cannot understand. Although not proven, some scientists and research companies claim that the virus is lab-made. I emphasized this by using the geometric shapes developed by people instead of fractal geometric shapes in nature. I preferred dark colors that depict ambiguity and pessimism. At the same time, I aimed to explain the chaos before getting used to the epidemic and how it was opened between the layers. I wanted to reflect the phases we spent in this process and the way we perceive the new world order through my own eyes.

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